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Created for the entire 126610 Rolex Submariner range, this watch protection kit can be applied to watches, ranging from precious metal gold pieces to stainless steel.

Rolex Submariner 124060/126610 Centurion Watch Protection Film

  • Centurion Watch Protect is proud to be part of watch owner’s choice on watch protection film to help upkeep the brand new protection unboxing feel as days goes by.

    The Watch Protection Kit fits the following:

    Ref: 124060

    Ref: 126610LN

    Ref: 126610LV

    Ref: 126613LB

    Ref: 126613LN

    Ref: 126618LB

    Ref: 126618LN

    Ref: 126619LB


    This kit covers the following areas:
    - Watch Case and Lugs
    - Bracelet
    - Clasp

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