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Who We Are

A revolutionary, precision cut and proven watch protection film

Centurion Watch Protect - Your Professional Watch Protect Solution.


Luxury watches are investment pieces and to keep the investment peaking it is important to maintain and carefully look after your watch.

 It will save you from having to spend hundreds on polishing your watch, which could affect the overall value – as over polished watches lose value. 

Let us allow you to enjoy your watch more freely knowing you can be safe from everyday signs of wear.

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Our Mission

To protect and maintain your watch from everyday scratches and scuffs without voiding your warranty.  

Centurion Watch Protect was born to rewrite how watch owners should maintain the shiny new appearance of their watch. To most people, especially watch lovers, there is nothing like the feeling of acquiring a new watch; the excitement, the experience and the feeling of euphoria.

Core Values






Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethene

Laser precision cut using the latest technology

Scratch and abrasion resistant


UV resistant

Ability to self heal from surface scratches

Slow down aging of the watch

No glue is involved on the sticking of protective films

Your watches will be professionally handled when applying protective films

About Protective Films

Highest quality materials provide in creation of protective films

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